Aug 12

NYC Creative Music Camp

  • Bloomingdale School of Music

Register today for our first annual NYC Creative Music Camp!

4:00 pm16:00

Spontaneous Duos III: A Free 2016 International Jazz Day Celebration

April 30th is International Jazz Day—come join the Rochester celebration!

View the write-up in Rochester City Newspaper

Saturday, April 30th 4-5pm

Messinger Hall One, Eastman Community Music School

10 Gibbs Street

For the third year running, ten improvising musicians will take part in 60 minutes of overlapping collaborations highlighting diverse instruments and playing styles. The popular yearly performance grows from a five-minute solo improvisation by a single musician to a series of spontaneous duos, as musicians continuously enter and leave until everyone has played 10 minutes of original music. In the spirit of true creative spontaneity, participating musicians will not see their playing order until 30 minutes before the performance.


The Institute for Creative Music and Eastman Community Music School again host the free event in Messinger Hall One at the Eastman Community Music School, in celebration of Rochester improvisors and their place in the international jazz scene. 


This event is open to the public, with a free reception to follow.


Featured performers include regionally and internationally acclaimed jazz musicians:



  • Colleen Bernstein - percussion

  • Doug Stone - saxophone


  • Mike Kaupa - trumpet

  • Alexa Tarantino - saxophone

  • Chris Teal - drums

  • Brendan Lanighan - trombone

  • Alan Murphy - piano

  • Tyrone Allen - bass

  • Chris Potter - guitar

  • Peter Chwazik - bass


Sponsored by the Eastman Community Music School and the Institute for Creative Music.


For more information about International Jazz Day, visit For additional information about Spontaneous Duos, call Chris Teal (509) 230-0688 and visit

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12:45 pm12:45

Chris Teal Composition Workshop at Rogue Music Education Conference

  • The Harley School

Composing music and words can be a daunting task for students and professionals of all ages.  Chris Teal, co-Director of the Institute for Creative Music, presents beginning composition activities that are approachable by any age and experience level. In this workshop, you will create simple loops from music you already know (like a DJ would) and adapt them into your own arrangements and compositions. This session will get you and your students creating compositions from scratch as well as realizing the power of investigating melodies and songs they already love.

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5:30 pm17:30

Spontaneous Duos: A 2016 International Jazz Day Celebration!

  • Eastman Community Music School (Messinger One)

For the third year running, fifteen improvising musicians will take part in 90 minutes of overlapping collaborations highlighting diverse instruments and playing styles. The performance will grow from a five-minute solo improvisation by a single musician to a series of spontaneous duos.

4:15 pm16:15

Chris Teal and Chris Ziemba present "Fear-Free Improvisation In Any Setting" for 2015 NYSSMA Conference

  • Rochester Riverside Convention Center

Fear-Free Improvisation In Any Setting: Maximum Engagement From Minimal Material

Learn simple ways to open your student’s ears and assuage their (and your) fear of improvisation. This interactive session provides engaging hands-on activities for varying experience levels and classroom settings. Learn a complete song by Radiohead that stays in one chord/scale area but sounds complete and advanced.

4:05 pm16:05

IfCM at Rochester Fringe Festival

  • 14 Gibbs Street Rochester, NY, 14604 United States

Join us at the Gibbs Street Main Stage for our first performance at the Rochester Fringe Festival!

11:00 am11:00

IfCM at Rochester Sunday Assembly

  • Rochester Brainery

The IfCM Collective performs and talks for the Rochester Sunday Assembly!  Featuring material from out 2015 TedxFlourCity talk:

Jul 31

IfCM Creative Music Camp 2015!

The IfCM Creative Music Camp invites students to play music in new ways. Everyone can learn to improvise, compose music, use recording technology, and play different styles together (regardless of instrument or genre). This camp focuses on cultivating holistic musicianship and a deeper understanding of playing an instrument or singing both individually and in a group. Teachers and students play and work together to create great music, culminating in a final concert that they won’t soon forget! This camp is great for instrumental and vocal students with at least one year of experience who will be entering grades 7-12.

Click here for full information and registration

Jul 24

Italy and Rochester: Summer Rock Camp 2015

Our second year working with Little America to connect Italian and American students with rock music!  We're looking at doing two different sessions (7/13-7/17 and 7/20-7/24) so contact and specify which week you're interested in.  Chris Teal and Kyle Vock will be the instructors.

10:00 am10:00

IfCM at Fairport Canal Days

Back for one of the premier festivals in Western New York for our 3rd year!  Excited to perform with a mix of IfCM Teaching Artists, students, and special guests--certain to feature our anthem, "Hands Off My Canal".

7:00 pm19:00

Spontaneous Duos: An International Jazz Day Event

Join us for the second annual International Jazz Day celebration in Rochester!  


Messenger One

Eastman Community Music School

Performers TBA!

Here’s the scoop (or watch the video from last year here):

17 improvising musicians will take part over the course of 90-minutes. Musician 1 will play solo for 5 minutes and then be joined by musician 2. After 5 minutes musician 1 will leave and musician 3 will enter. Musicians will continue to enter and leave at 5 minute intervals until everyone has played 10 minutes. The playing order will not be revealed to the musicians until 30 minutes before the performance to keep with the spontaneous feel of the event.

3:50 pm15:50

IfCM Collective at Art Awake 2015

  • 936 Exchange St Rochester, NY, 14608 United States

The IfCM Collective is excited to perform in this annual showcase of Rochester art and music!  We're playing from 3:50-4:20pm:

Mike Kaupa - Trumpet

Mike Frederick - Guitar

Danny Ziemann - Bass

Chris Teal - Drums

Full April 18th, Performance Schedule

Eggs Benedict @ 2pm 

Great Vagrant @ 2:40pm

Brass Monkeys @ 3:10pm

Dan Chess @ 3:40pm

IfCM Collective @ 3:50pm

Mbira dzeMugomo Guru @ 4:40pm

Teddy Rycroft @ 5:10pm

Valev Laube @ 5:20pm

Precious Kindred @ 5:50pm

Alex Murray @ 6:20pm

Park Lot Shuttle @ 6:30pm

Miles Wide @ 7:30pm

The Fox Sisters @ 8:10pm

Skirts @ 8:40pm

Luke Metzler @ 9:20pm

Scope & Figure @ 10:20pm

Ouf Fusion @ 11:00pm

Janissare Flux @ 11:30pm

2:00 pm14:00

Bop Shop Records presents JAZZ IS UGLY … JAZZ IS BEAUTIFUL

  • The Bop Shop

Saturday 4/4 Bop Shop Records presents JAZZ IS UGLY … JAZZ IS BEAUTIFUL

A symposium on the music of jazz, what drives us to create, play, present and listen to jazz in the 21st century.  Day-long workshops, lectures and live music within our own community.

A Bop Arts event – 2 pm to 10pm

Bop Shop Records, 1460 Monroe Ave.

$15 donation at the door. All $ goes to the musicians and The Institute for Creative Music

2:30 pm14:30

IfCM Collective at Jumbo Gumbo Festival

  • Rochester School of the Arts

We're excited to present a performance clinic as part of the 2nd annual School of the Arts "Jumbo Gumbo" jazz festival.  Come see all of the great school jazz bands from the Rochester-area all day long!

Mike Kaupa - Trumpet

Mike Frederick - Guitar

Ryder Eaton - Bass

Chris Teal - Drums

5:00 pm17:00

Blank Tape Series - Artisan Church

Blank Tape Series returns!  Come out to the South Wedge neighborhood in Rochester for a unique community experience.

This event is being streamed live via the IfCM YouTube Channel: