Chris Teal - Drums

Current Projects:

Quintopus ( - Our second album, "Prehistoric Beach", will be released 2/29/16 on ears&eyes Records!

Mighty High and Dry ( - Original rock, roots and soul

Dave Rivello Ensemble ( - Original 12-piece jazz, "Dreaming in Color"

Chris’s Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that all students can benefit greatly from a teacher as an example and facilitator of technique, musical vocabulary, communication, and love of music.  In my teaching I try to facilitate moments of experimental creativity and put the “nuts and bolts” of technique and vocabulary into a context where we can interact with each other and understand how to evaluate our own musical experiences objectively to continue to improve.  Learning with patience and humor each student’s level is a huge inspiration to me in continuing to teach many different instruments and styles of music with all ages, abilities, and backgrounds and connect them with other musicians and experiences that are rewarding for them.

Music I’ve Been Checking Out:

Miles Okazaki – Figurations

Queen – Night at the Opera

Black Keys – Attack & Release

Bobby McFerrin – Simple Pleasures/Bang Zoom!

Frank Zappa – Buffalo

Dawn of Midi – Dysnomia

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About Chris:

A graduate of the Eastman School of Music (MM ’09) and Whitworth University (BA ‘05), drummer CHRIS TEAL is the co-Director of the Institute for Creative Music and a recent transplant to Fayetteville, Arkansas from Rochester, New York. As one of the most in-demand drummers in the upstate, NY, Chris performed with the IfCM Collective, Dave Rivello Ensemble, the Mighty High and Dry, John Nyerges Trio, and Silver Arrow Band. Chris has released three albums with the band Quintopus on ears&eyes Records (Voyage to Ornoc, April Showers, and Prehistoric Beach) and three albums with the Institute for Creative Music Collective on Outside in Music Records (“Volume 1”, “A Tribute to Prince,” and the upcoming “A Tribute to Bjork.”)  Chris currently performs in Northwest Arkansas as a member of the Jake Hertzog Trio, the Matt Smith Group, and for Theatre Squared.

In addition to his active career as a performer, Teal strives to build new opportunities for students to experience the arts by teaching improvisation, aural learning, and student leadership through the Institute for Creative Music.  The IfCM recently launched “Creative Jazz Fundamentals,” an on-line school for learning jazz.

Along with other Teaching Artists from the Institute for Creative Music, Teal has presented workshops and performances at schools throughout the United States, and has presented workshops at the 2017 NYU Impact Conference and 2015 TEDxFlourCity conference. Raised in Spokane, WA, Chris teaches drum set and popular music at the University of Arkansas and the Jazz Workshops for the U of A Community Music School in Fayetteville.