Rational Chaos: Entropy Re-imagined

Last year was the first time that the IfCM had a student ensemble, bringing together promising young musicians for sessions and concerts. We loved working with them and are proud of everything they achieved. However, this year, the ensemble is changing tack: Entropy will be the IfCM’s young professional training ensemble, working closely with the Teaching Artists in order to synthesize their own sound and develop their own identity.

Entropy is designed to empower the students to explore any combination of musical avenues in a safe environment - they will be encouraged to play new, creative music. Creative music for Entropy can be what the members decide – jazz, classical, pop/rock, experimental, vocal music – with music being written both for and by the band it will ultimately be up to the students to decide what creative music will mean to them. The chaos of experimentation will be eventually be channeled into new, exciting listening experiences designed by the ensemble.

The new vision for Entropy allows a greater personal development and growth of leadership skills for each member in the ensemble. With the main purpose of Entropy centred on the process of ‘becoming a band’, students will benefit from learning about effective gig preparation as well as rehearsal and practice technique. The training will culminate in a number of gigs both in Rochester and in New York City.

The group will be encouraged to break traditional genre barriers, incorporating new combinations of instruments and fusions of styles. Concepts that will be covered include practice and rehearsal techniques, improvisation, musicianship, songwriting and arrangement, promotion, publicity, recording, and student leadership. The Teaching Artists will aid the students’ individual and combined efforts to forge their own aesthetic, so that Entropy becomes be a fully artist-led ensemble.

If you are a Rochester-based young musician between the ages of 13-18 interested in auditioning for this fantastic opportunity, visit the Entropy page on our website at http://www.ifcmusic.org/entropy/ for more information.