Dancing About Architecture

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Dancing About Architecture:

A Musical Take on Visual Art

Thursday, July 30th 8:00-9:30pm

St. Joseph’s Park

Corner of Pleasant St and North Clinton Ave (free on-street parking)

Contact: Chris Teal, IfCM co-Director (509) 230-0688

Come join the Institute for Creative Music and special guests for a unique fusion of musical improvisation, movement, and storytelling. Dancing About Architecture presents new musical compositions, text, and dance written for works of visual art including M.C. Escher’s “Ascending and Descending” as well as the renovated church that hosts the event (now St. Joseph’s Park). The pieces will be tied together with short stories and musical improvisations that encourage the audience and performers to interact with the environment as they move to new areas of the park for different vantage points. Featured performers from the Institute for Creative Music include Nick Finzer (trombone and electronics), Chris Ziemba (keyboards and melodica), Matthew Golombisky (bass, electronics), Chris Teal (drums and percussion), and Tyler Cassidy-Heacock (voice and spoken word).  The IfCM performers will be joined and choreographed by dancer Jay O’Leary, recently featured at the 2015 TedxFlourCity conference along with the IfCM and other Rochester innovators.

The event is $10 at the door.

Presented by the Institute for Creative Music with thanks to the Landmark Society of Western New York.

For additional information about Dancing About Architecture, call Chris Teal (509) 230-0688 and visit http://www.ifcmusic.org/