For the very first time, I felt absolutely free to improvise without fear...the improvising we did was very free and expressive and it helped me quite a bit to just be okay with where I am as a musician and be able to embrace that and just enjoy where I am now.
— Megan, Age 16

The Teaching Artists at the Institute for Creative Music are dedicated to applying their experiences as young performers working in a rapidly changing music scene to crafting a fresh vision for contemporary music education. Through programs that are accessible to students of all backgrounds and abilities, IfCM musicians bring not only their performance training at top-tier schools like Juilliard and the Eastman School of Music but also their familiarity with building multifaceted careers in the 21st-century music marketplace. Students benefit from active participation in unique, energetic IfCM learning experiences that emphasize strong musical fundamentals, the flexibility of improvisation, an understanding of current technologies, and peer-directed teamwork as the skills necessary to create their own musical mark on the world. Since 2011, the IfCM has been collaborating with schools, churches, and community centers to create meaningful performances.

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